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Sometimes, leadership requires you to roll up your sleeves and support team members as people and not just positions.

We expect people to come to work and be "normal." What if their circumstances aren't "normal?"

In his new release - We've Got This! – Matt Patterson takes aim at how organizations, leadership and colleagues can help team members when a personal crisis affects their professional lives.

How does he know?

Matt has been there. He has experienced it first-hand.

We've Got This! shares how the simple, but timeless principles of kindness, compassion and empathy can create an organizational culture of caring and lead to success in the midst of adversity.

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What Top Leaders Are Saying About Matt Patterson

“This is a beautiful, moving, inspiring story of love and faith that will move every father at a deep level.”

Brian Tracy Best-Selling Author / Legendary Training & Development Speaker Brian Tracy International

“Matt Patterson takes you on a courageous journey very few men ever share.”

Jonathan Sprinkles Award-Winning Speaker & Best-Selling Author on Leadership & Achievement Sprinklisms, Inc.

"Want someone who can inspire your organization to become a better version of themselves and produce at a higher level? Ready to have your organization operate from a place of intention? Then Matt Patterson is the expert you want to hire. He is on point, brilliant and knows how to connect with audiences."

Ambassador Dr. Will Moreland President Will Moreland International

"Matt's presentation will teach a lasting lesson of hope and perseverance."

Sarah Plummer Taylor Speaker, Counselor & Author Semper Sarah

“His heartfelt stories were unforgettable and the delivery was professional and spot on!"

Sharlene Douthit Vice President of Sales Sandler Training by Second Wind Advisory Group

“Matt Patterson has a natural ability to connect with any audience and will leave them feeling inspired and ready to take action.”

Michelle Prince CEO Prince Performance

"Matt is a brilliant man with a compassionate heart that can and will impact your life in so many ways.”

John Salkowski Author & Leadership Mentor John Salkowski International