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Amazon Best-Selling Author Promotions

I can still remember when I released my first book - My Emily - in 2011.

I was proud. I was excited. Just like YOU.

And oh boy, I was afraid. Just like YOU.

Seven years later - and thousands upon thousands of Kindle e-book downloads later - recognized as an Amazon #1 international best-selling author - I sit here and marvelat how blessed I have been to be able to share my daughter's story to so many allover the world.

Why has My Emily been so successful?

Simple. It was so very important for me to share her story. Just like YOUR STORY. It's important to you.

The recognition that a best-selling book brings to your story, brand and business cannot measured. Read over and think about these questions.

  • Do you wish to be acknowledged as an industry leader by being recognized as a best-selling author?
  • Are you a solopreneur with a new business trying to stay a step ahead of your competition by not just writing and publishing a book - but having it reach bestseller status in your area of expertise?
  • Do you want to leverage your bestseller status to become a paid keynote speaker, organizational trainer or panelist?

For these past seven years I have had so many people ask me, "Hey Matt - Can I pick your brain for just a sec?"

I've always tried to be accommodating in answering people's questions regarding book promotion and how others can take their book to Amazon bestseller status.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above - WE SHOULD TALK.

For the past three-plus years, I have taken 16 people and their books to Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status.


I am now offering my Done-For-You Amazon Bestseller Book Promotion to a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of authors every year.

FROM START TO FINISH - from set-up to the actual marketing - I will personally perform all aspects of a WEEK-LONG Amazon Kindle book promotion for your book or soon-to-be-released book.


This IS NOT a how-to course. Not a bunch of how-to videos and PDF forms. I WORK FOR YOU. This is a ONE-TO-ONE working relationship.

YOU. ME. No marketing gimmicks. Not a virtual assistant outside of the country. You will be in direct communication with me - not a marketer's assistant. I will personally handle all aspects of your promotion.

Again - these promotions are available on a VERY LIMITED, SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS. FIRST COME. FIRST SERVED. There is only one of me and I can only handle so many promotions during a given time.

Let’s talk and let ME take YOU to bestseller status.


What Matt's Clients Have To Say ...

“Matt Patterson was a genuine joy and pleasure to work with.  He took the complex world of online book promotion and simplified the strategy to me step by step.  He far exceeded my expectations and the results have been truly incredible.  I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again with Matt's expertise and guidance.”

Nick Sechrist Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author – The Power of Alignment Owner | Elevation Now, PC

“Sure ... I could try to figure this thing out on my own and spending time that I'll never get back. But why? Matt Patterson has a proven formula that works. It has worked for my colleagues and it worked for me -- TWICE!”

Jonathan Sprinkles Two-time #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author - Presentation Power & You’ve Got This! "America's Connection Coach"

“I had the privilege of partnering with Matt during the launch of my second book - Miserably Successful No More. Due to health reasons, there were some delays at my end. Matt was so flexible and understanding- and put me at ease right away. During the actual launch, Matt was organized and efficient. He sent me all the needed information first in a summary form, and then step-by-step reminders.  He was easy to talk to, and committed to my success above all else. The Result? We hit #1 Amazon international bestseller status, in our category, within three days of our launch. Since then, my business has exploded. My keynote rates are a multiple of what they were, and I am speaking all over the world. I recommend Matt without any hesitation.”

Debjani Biswas #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author – Miserably Successful No More Keynote Speaker | Founder & CEO of Coachieve, LLC - Leadership & Diversity Strategies

“For step-by-step guidance on how to self-publish and promote your new book, there is only one person to call!  Matt Patterson will not only walk you through the process but will personally stay with you every step of the way to help ensure your success.  I couldn't have been more pleased with Matt's assistance when launching 3 Slow Nickels!”

Victoria Boston Amazon Best-Selling Author – 3 Slow Nickels Transformational Leader | Speaker | Coach