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"An Absolute Joy To Work With"

“It was my pleasure to have Matt Patterson speak at my Just Roll With It Bootcamp. To say this man's message is genuine and authentic would be an understatement. Matt's presentation will not only reach out and touch your group, but it will also teach a lasting lesson of hope and perseverance. He was an absolute joy to work with - cheerful, flexible and appreciative. I look forward to having him on my stage again. Do yourself, your event and organization a favor - book Matt today!”

Sarah Plummer Taylor Speaker, Counselor & Author Semper Sarah, LLC
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Straight out of the gate - first and foremost - my goal for your event is to make you look like an absolute genius, having your organization thank you long after it's over.

Think about it. How will it feel when you get "the nod" from your leadership and committee members? You know, the one that says, "Touch 'em all. A home run." They may even follow-up with a knuckle bump.

That is what you and I will do TOGETHER. We become partners - making your event a memory maker - the best ever!

My promise to you is simple. I will be one of the most low-maintenance speakers you have ever worked with.

Please know I am absolutely committed to providing the first-class experience you and your organization deserve.

Just click on the button and you will find planner resources to help you plan a first-class event. If you need something else - just ask. I'm here to help! This will help you save time and maximize your budget.

Let’s talk and make it happen!

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