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Matt is at his absolute best when he works with organizations that are:

  • Hosting an event and want a high-content message that brings about a reaction and emotion to all who attend.
  • In a time of adjustment, needing a consultant/thought leader for creating a transformational Culture Of Caring within their organization. This is especially true for those who have come to the realization that they don’t communicate well and it’s causing problems within the organization's culture.
  • In search of solutions for improving the leadership presence so an increased buy-in to their vision can be achieved on all levels throughout the organization.

"Captivates Audiences With His Authenticity, Passion and Desire to Help People"

“Matt Patterson is an extraordinary speaker that captivates audiences with his authenticity, passion and desire to help people. He has a natural ability to connect with any audience and will leave them feeling inspired and ready to take action. Matt is a great choice for your next event!

Michelle Prince CEO Prince Performance

We've Got This!

Keynote / Workshop / Panel / Breakout Session

 Leadership | Change | Team Building

Sometimes, leadership requires you to roll up your sleeves and support team members as people and not just employees. We expect people to come to work and be "normal." What if their circumstances aren't "normal?" Plain and simple - it affects performance.

Matt Patterson has been there. He speaks from experience. His story is real and raw, going beyond motivational rhetoric. Coming from points in his book - We've Got This! - Matt will share a leadership and team-building message that will take you on his journey and reveal the keys as to how great organizations conquer challenges, manage change and win as a team.


  • PEOPLE. NOT POSITIONS. - Supporting your team members as people when a crisis hits - not as positions, slots or jobs.
  • THE GREAT COLLIDE - Personal. Professional. Crisis.
  • ARE WE LISTENING? OR ARE WE JUST PRETENDING? - Time to step forward ... and up! Take the lead. Own the outcome.
  • A CULTURE OF CARING - Be approachable, accountable and transparent.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE - The impact of isolation.
  • CHICKEN FINGERS & FRIES - Time to celebrate today's small victories! Every single one of them.

Strength In Our Struggles

Keynote / Workshop / Panel / Breakout Session

Inspirational | Motivational

Full of emotion and inspiration, Matt Patterson shares the story that has touched hearts all over the world.

Based on his international best-selling book - My Emily - Matt shares his inspirational story of overcoming challenges and becoming stronger. This presentation will help you remain dedicated to what really matters.

When his first child was born, there was reason to celebrate. However, the next morning brought the shocking news that his daughter, Emily was born with Down syndrome. Just two years later, his little girl would be diagnosed with leukemia.

Matt will relay his personal strategies as to how to GO THROUGH these moments of crisis to GET TO a better place - turning your setbacks into comebacks.

Emotional and transparent, Matt will take your group on a father's hope-filled journey of life, love, laughter and loss. This inspirational message of hope will have attendees laughing and smiling through their tears.


  • What we GO THROUGH is how we GET TO.
  • We are not defined by WHAT WE OVERCOME, but by WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BECOME.
  • You don't always choose what happens to you, but you ALWAYS choose how you respond to what happens to you.
  • Sometimes hope is all you need when hope is all you've got.
  • Men? Fathers? Husbands? It's manly to be vulnerable. It really is.