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"Takes You on a Journey Very Few Men Ever Share"

"Matt Patterson takes you on a journey very few men ever share. He has taken his courageous story and will teach you how to rewrite your own."

Jonathan Sprinkles Founder Sprinklisms, Inc.

Your job as a leader is simple - GET RESULTS.

How would your organization change if you could ignite, instruct and inspire each person on your team to a higher level of accomplishment and achievement - both, personally and professionally?

Studies indicate that if an organization puts culture first - performance and results follow. Organizations that possess an engaged culture have 26% less employee turnover, 100% more unsolicited employment applications, 20% less absenteeism and 15% greater employee productivity.

Numbers don't lie.

Culture. Performance. PROFITS.

Matt is a big believer in culture and what drives it — and that comes down to YOU and your people. An organization that emphasizes building an engaged culture is a high-performance, loyal organization.

Would your organization benefit from having team members who are loyal, highly-energized, internally-motivated, solution-oriented, and beyond-belief successful?

You bet.

YOU define your success. YOU choose your direction. Which road are WE going to take?

During your in-house organizational training, Matt will put a spotlight on what success looks, sounds, feels like to you and your team.

Matt will take the time to listen, offer open, honest feedback and the "for leadership only" tools you need to improve your leadership capacity based upon your goals and company objectives. He understands what you are going through. He's been there - on both sides of the conference room table.

You and your organization have a HUGE vision, but you can’t do it by yourself. There's a part of your organization that gets it and is all-in. And there are those still hesitant. Not only will Matt get you and your team on track,  but you'll appreciate having someone - a confidant - to listen and provide direction.

Workshops That Work

Leadership That Listens

This on-site 5-hour workshop helps leaders feel more self-assured and capable to lead when a team member has to combat a personal challenge that may not only affect their professional lives, but the organization's success as well.

We will discuss company-specific challenges (based on interviews with both leadership and team members) so we can develop strategies for change and inspire participants to respond in a sincere, professional and confident manner.

In this program participants learn to:

  • Create an organizational culture that encourages leadership to listen closely to team members with kindness, compassion and empathy
  • Grasp the personal crisis/professional life challenge and recognize them when they occur so they can be approached before it not only affects  your relationship with the team member, but with the group as a whole
  • Effectively conduct one-on-one meetings with team members to express and offer support, but to also create a strategy for success
  • Recognize opportunities to engage employees to accelerate performance and results
  • Evaluate the current state of engagement and formulate ways to improve the organization's culture

Organization leadership and select team members are highly encouraged to attend this workshop together to co-create effective change that benefits all.

Customized formats are available.

Creating A Culture Of Caring

This on-site 4-hour workshop magnifies the truth that before team members believe in or care about the long-term vision of the organization or its success, they need to feel that leadership looks at them and sees each of them as a person - not a position.

We will discuss how team members need to feel that leadership and the organization as a whole is truly invested in them. Once leadership shows every single member of the team how much they're valued, there's nothing they won't strive to undertake and achieve.

Program participants will learn to:

  • Build the foundation of a culture of caring - an organizational atmosphere that's open, positive and successful
  • Truly listen and give team members a voice - individually and collectively as a group - boosting morale and growth
  • Create stronger relationships by being approachable, opening opportunities to hear new ideas and demonstrate to the team they are valued
  • Recognize the severe impact of team member isolation/loneliness
  • Understand the importance of making time for regular and reliable communication and conversations with team members

It is highly recommended that both leadership and team members attend this workshop together to bring about effective change, benefiting the organization as a whole.

Customized formats are available.